McDonald's Farmville Campaign


McDonald's partnered with game developer Zynga to become the first marketer to integrate a branded farm into the Farmville Facebook game. In the one day event, McDonald's hosted a "Neighbor Farm" that players were able to interact with. There, they helped to grow tomato and mustard seed crops and earn virtual Farmville McCafe Consumables that increased their energy and allow them to farm twice as fast. They were also rewarded with virtual McDonald's hot air balloons to fly over their own farms. Tens of thousands of these balloons are still out there, in various farms, reminding users that McDonald’s is their neighbor.

The products and environments showcased in the Farmville integration spoke to the various McDonald’s initiatives and passions throughout. It was important to highlight McDonald’s quality ingredients and fun, family atmosphere through apple dipper fresh fruit stands, real fruit smoothie fruit markets, Real Fresh Dairy barns, Warm bun bakeries and playful McCafe café sites. As this was the first integration of its kind, The agency worked with excited and agile agency partners to create a brand positive and joyful fun place to meet up with the over 12 million visitors to the McDonald’s farm.

Date of Launch:
Oct 07, 2010